Employment Law

Labor Law mainly serves to protect employees and regulates in particular the legal relationship between the employer and the employee. Pannike+Partners represents client, employees as well as employers throughout all legal matters concerning employment matters. With our expertise and our partners, we are able to handle employment matters internationally in various key jurisdictions. We also advise employers on compliance with local employment laws with the goal of increasing workplace efficiency and preventing potentially disruptive litigation.

Drafting Employment Agreements

It is crucial to have a written employment agreement in place which complies with the statues of the respective country. Each country has its own rule and regulations of employment in place which need to be considered when drafting such agreement. In many jurisdiction clauses with regard to non-competition or overtime can be challenging to draft and if not carefully drafted, it may even lead to litigation. It is therefore recommended to have a tailor-made employment agreement which considers the legislation of the particular jurisdiction, rather than having standard templates in place.

Labor Disputes

When disputes cannot be avoided, we represent clients in labor court. We also handle arbitrations and administrative hearings before the court hearing.