Foreign Trade, Export Control, Customs Law & Legal Compliance

Export controls can take a variety of forms and are measures used by governments in goods trade to achieve public policy objectives. International business owners, traders, and service providers face challenges due to the constantly changing rules and regulations related to sanctions, embargoes and export controls we advises clients on a wide variety of international trade matters.

Regulatory, Compliance and Trade Sanctions

The regulatory, trade sanction and compliance environment especially in emerging economies are evolving quickly due to rapid political changes and abrupt shifts in government policies and strategies. Organizations need to be on top of regulatory transformations which often require them to adopt quickly and proactively relevant trade sanction and compliance frameworks within their overall legal, compliance and risk management function to mitigate significant compliance risk. Our team supports organizations to understand and define applicable regulatory, trade sanction, compliance and legal risk and to design, customize and integrate robust, effective, and comprehensive compliance frameworks relevant for our clients which help to prevent or mitigate legal risk.

Compliance and Trade Sanction Training

Comprehending the corporate legal risk landscape is key in order to create resilient and sustainable organizations. We help organisations to develop and adopt robust legal risk frameworks and to pursue safely their business operations shielded from legal, regulatory, compliance, sanction and litigation risk based on our deep understanding of target market legal landscape and challenges.