Investment and Market Entry

We assist our international clients, with specific and critical legal investment structuring, market entry strategy and company establishment advisory services.

Foreign Market Entry and investment structuring

Entering new markets and establishing a presence in a non-familiar jurisdiction can be challenging and risky. We assist investors and new market entrants to define and implement their optimal market entry strategy appropriate to their needs and objectives taking into consideration critical target market and legal risk factors, restrictions, limitations as well as opportunities. Our profound insights into the dynamics of applicable jurisdictional risk, compliance, regulatory and economic factors allow us to render accurate and relevant legal advisory services to our clients.

Business Expansion & Growth Strategy Advice & Strategic Partnership Structuring Advice

Business expansion and developing effective growth strategies depend not only on the micro and macro-economic environment but also on other specific external factors such as inherent legal, jurisdictional and regulatory limitations impacting business expansion policies of organisations. We help our clients to understand target market regulatory and legal framework, government policies and from short-, mid- and long-term perspective to enable informed and sound decision making. The gathering and assessing of that vital information help our clients in their decision-making process.

Legislative & Legal Jurisdictional Risk Advice | Contentious Business & Litigation Risk Advice

The legislative landscape, particularly in emerging and frontier markets is often subject to quick changes due to fast evolving legal systems, political, socio-economic landscapes, cultural shifts and changing government policies and strategies. For safe navigation in quickly evolving legislative environments and changing legal systems organizations need to understand and adopt robust and agile management structures and legal risk frameworks and apply appropriate resources to mitigate potential legal and compliance risk. We help organisations to anticipate and manage legislative and legal jurisdictional risk and to adopt practical legal risk frameworks and build up relevant resources to avoid potential regulatory and inherent jurisdictional pitfalls.

Strategic Legal Risk Mitigation Advice | Strategic Mediation & Negotiation Advice | Debt Recovery Strategy Advisory Services

Litigation procedures are time consuming, expensive and often affect negatively existing (business) relationships with respective partners or customers. Therefore, it is important to exhaust all available tools to manage or if possible, prevent contentious matters through strategic negotiations, settlements, and mediation to preserve valuable partnerships and customer relationships. We support organisations to understand and manage potential contentious legal risk and strategize negotiations, settlement discussions and mediation to mitigate the legal risk of contentious matters and potential litigation risk. In case litigation is unavoidable, we assist clients in advising, strategizing, preparing and planning optimally litigation procedures based on profound litigation investigations, evidence examination and collection of intelligence to the facts of the case to support our legal litigators and to achieve best possible outcome of the lawsuit for our clients.