IP Rights & Media Law

Due to the globalization and digitalization the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights has gained more importance and is crucial for many of our clients. Our multi-jurisdictional capacity and expertise in the IP protection filed enables us to advise our clients in line with local and international laws on intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

Protection of Trade Secrets

Trade secret laws protect secret information that create an economic advantage over its competitors. Trade secrets, if not protected can be exposed to third parties through improper means, such as theft, trespass, hacking, or breach of a confidentiality agreement. We assist our clients to protect their confidential business information by putting internal procedure and policies in place to ensure legally enforceable confidentiality obligations.

Trademark and Brand Management

Trademark law creates usage rights in words, phrases, symbols, and other indicators that identify the source or sponsorship of goods or services. The owner of a valid trademark can stop others from using its trademark or a similar mark in connection with similar goods and services. We advise our clients through the lifecycle of trademarks, from selection and adoption through registration and enforcement, licensing and infringement litigation.