Merger & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are two distinct forms of business transactions that both result in the consolidation of two companies into one and requires a certain ability to understand not simply legal practices, but business practices. Such transactions are major events for companies and business owners and can have vast implications for parties involved. It is therefore crucial to be legally represented at the early stages of a potential merger and acquisition. We represent a wide range of clients in various industries, sectors, and geographical regions.

Due diligence

A meticulous and thorough due diligence process is vital for all M&A or JV transactions but even more critical in emerging and frontier markets where crucial information are often not easily available or accessible and require particular local expertise in order to uncover or extract relevant data. We help our clients to gather and analyse critical information from competent legal sources highly relevant for specific transactions and thereby safeguard the interests of our clients. This helps to structure optimally client transactions and to address comprehensively uncovered risks and concerns at an early stage enabling sound decision-making whether to proceed or to abstain from a M&A or JV transaction.

Business Partner due diligence and Background Screening

Before organizations enter into contractual or business relationships and/or initiate a M&A or JV transaction it is essential to conduct a thorough business partner due diligence and background screening of potential cooperation or business partners, future shareholders, beneficial owners or customers to mitigate best possible reputational or compliance risk and to prevent serious consequences such as exposure to criminal investigations and prosecution, listings on international or internal compliance screening lists and/or loosing long term business relationships. We help our clients to conducting thorough business partner due diligence and background screening on potential business partners, stakeholders or customers in full confidentiality to safeguard client’s organizations from reputational risk.

Antitrust & Competition Law

Antitrust law is designed to prevent price-fixing, anti-competitive practices, and the abuse of a dominant position within the marketplace. Global businesses feel the growing impact of new competition and antitrust laws and more sophisticated competition law enforcement around the world. We advise our clients in connection with antitrust and competition law challenges at national and international level and provide an overall strategy and implementation of the same.